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400DF Motor

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300DF Brushless Motor

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400F Brushless Motor

400F Brushless Motor

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400T Brushless Motor

Pusher and Puller Models
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Oct, 2010

Wow - it's been a while since I've updated this area. I switched a while ago to trying to keep the Order Form filled with all the technical information. So what has been going on since 2005 ? Well - I fly just about every day. A few years ago I decided for both the cool factor and to help guys convert from Fuel to Electric to fly some electric planes. My learning was probably typical of most fuel flyers and now I am starting to think like a Fuel flyer. I highly recommend it - it will improve your builds and make your electrics more cleanly configured. When you have a rattle box on the front of your plane you learn to lock everything very tight.

What I learned is Fuel guys think differently than Electric. They have a keen ear and can tell how to setup their engines based on the sound. Some don't even need a Tachometer unless they are fine tuning the top end. I flew friggin everything, RCD, Super Tiger, Saito, OS MAX, YS, DLE - Two Stroke, Four Stroke. Nothing I knew about electric helped get my planes flying reliably. Lots of dead stick landings, and help from the local fuel guru's. They can make the changes - but the learning is still upto me to figure out. Finally - I speak fuel speak and can tell when a plane is running too lean, rich and what engines are crap. I learned I will never buy an engine smaller than .91 Four Stroke. Everything in that range is much better on electric. The smaller engines are harder to keep running smoothly. Why spend two hours screwing with a needle and scraping your nuckles on props when you can just drop a battery in the plane and fly cleanly. Also on the giant scale - electric is not there yet. All the big boys are flying $250 a flight worth of batteries and they have ten sets and are willing to toss them every twenty flights - because they are sponsored. The GAS engines are the ticket for Giant Scale until we get 15S or higher voltage and very low cost LiPos. I've actually toyed with the idea of carrying some large gas engines. I'm testing some now on a 84" Sukhoi 26mx, 1/4 scale Pitts, Giles 202, Extra 330, 2 Meter Pattern Planes, and WarBirds. I just love my TopFlite Corsair, and old Boxer.


What else - I hit 150 mph on my Projeti on 4S, 5x5 550TH coming out of a dive, but 130 normally flat and level. Nothing like the thrill of high speed.

2204 is a GREAT indoor 3D motor on a little 2S or 3S LiPo.


We're going through a transition - either we do this or go out of business. We are evolving to lower cost motors, and stopping production of some of the higher cost motors. Although many of you and I love them - this has to be done so we can compete.


Check us out on YouTube.


Jan 2, 2005

Happy New Year !

We have a report that our motors run hot on Hacker Speed Controls. We already require a Castle Creations or MMM ESC for the 400DH. We want you to know that we do not support the hacker speed control on any of our motors.

Dec 21, 2004

Merry Christmas everyone !

400DF pushers have a clip to enable them to run on tractor racer style planes mounted to the front of a firewall !

400DF pushers come in 3mm axle size. The tractor model is 2.3 or 3mm axle size for Heli's, Gearboxes behind a firewall or direct drive in back of a Jet or Wing and very fast racers.


Nov 12, 2004

I've updated the KV for this motor to 4400. Through our tests we know this motor is higher KV than 3500, and is between 4000 and 4500, so as not to mislead anyone I am updating our data to show 400DH as a 4400KV motor. An 8T pinion is ideal for this motor, but since the pinions are priced right most people are ordering both 8 and 9T.


August 4, 2004

Pusher motors are now available with 3mm shaft for Direct Drive. We also have a large quantity of props we are giving one with each 400T, 300DF and 400F motor purchase from this site - for a limited time. Choose from GWS DD 8040, 1045, 1170 sizes. The 8040 are only option for the 400T motors. We don't want you burning up your 400T's with larger props unless you do some gearing. Contact us if you have special needs. 10 x 4.5 and 11 x 7 props are ideal for park flyer 300DF and 400F with a gearbox. Sorry but these are the only sizes we have. If you'd like other sizes - let us know and we'll get them for your next order.


After much testing of the 300DF on a wing with a 6x4 APC prop cut down to 5x4. I gotta say that this little motor can really handle everything I threw at it. If you want a very fast 50+MPH wing or puller, try flying the 300DF direct drive with a 5x4 or 4x4 prop. Our tests show the pitch speed at 75mph. Touch the motor afterwards, if it's to hot to hold - back down to 5x3, if not - keep on flying. I love my Hyperwing on the 5x4 but am pushing the limits. Although I claim the limits are alot higher than we publish. The 5x3 pulls 7 amps, and I've measured the 5x4 pulls around 12+- but this little motor seems to handle it with no problem. Please be careful in testing this since we don't want you frying your new motors !


Hugh's test stand measures 8.2 amps on a GWS 5x4.3. I have changed my favorite motor from the 400T to the 300DF ! I gotta try the 400F with a small - fast prop on it. These 5 inch direct drive applications on pullers should only be used by those flyers who like extreme speed. For those that want extreme torque, stick with the gearbox and larger props. Some planes are not built for speed. My 300DF is in a 16 oz Wattage Hyperwing and has changed the flying brick into a really fast and manueverable plane. Wait'll you see the video's. I love flying a foot off the weeds and zoom up over my house, dive into the backyard for another round in the field behind me. Nothing like controlling a 50MPH plane in a tight area to get your heart racing.


I can't wait to try the 5x4 on a 400F Puller. I think it will be a total speed demon.

July 7, 2004

400DH are high Kv motors (4400) designed for 400 class Helicopters. Click on photos above to access tech details of each motor.


May 16, 2004

Three motors we really like - 300DF for small planes that want to kick up the volume. 400F is for larger planes at a slightly larger weight, but still amazingly small and light. The 300DF and 400F use a 400 size gearbox and should be geared since they both have a kV of 2250. The 400T is a direct drive motor. Actually any motor can be driven direct drive. You play a game with all the variables between Heat and Torque. Higher the kV - the more the need for a gearbox or smaller prop. Many of our tests are done with fairly large props, so we used a gearbox on the 300DF and 400F motors. A gearbox also protects your motor in a crash situations. But if you run a very small prop, you may be able to use these motors direct drive. If your motor runs too hot because you are driving it directly, you could damage the motor. Heat destroys magnets, and magnets are a large part of a brushless motor. Send us an email if you are interested in the 400T motor. We're trying to decide how many of these we should sell.


We've worked hard to keep from rushing these motors out without first testing them and building all of the technical details you need to decide what motor to choose. Compare the numbers on each of the links with numbers on your favorite motors to decide what is best for your type of flying.


Click on the above images for technical information on the motors. Click the Tech Info title to get back here.

  • All of our motors are brushless, and require a brushless electronic speed control (ESC). You can find these in many locations. We recommend the Castle Creations line of Phoenix speed controls. The CC P10 works nicely but larger works too. The 400DH should be run with a CC25 since although hovering can take only 5 amps, aggressive flying can peek at over four times that amount.

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May 17, 2004

Gearing allows a motor to turn a larger prop at a lower RPMs. This allows the system to produce more thrust while drawing the same number of amps. The trade-off is that top speed is reduced, which makes gearing suitable mostly for slow-flying aircraft.


kV is the rpms produced by a motor per volt applied. A 100% efficient motor could be described using this constant alone, but there are losses in the motor that make this impossible.


May 18, 2004