500TH Motors

500TH is a slightly larger motor than the 450TH and a higher performance for the 450TH for more advanced flyers.


Use High Timing in your ESC. On airplanes if you have prop stall (Sputter) - use Hard Start and High Timing.


Low Timing is not recommended. Most ESC manufacturers label Outrunners as Low Timing but this is for low Kv outrunners which are 90% of the outrunners available.



Heat on the 500TH is very abnormal. If you feel heat such that you can not hold the bell without feeling like you will burn your fingers, either: 1) You are using the wrong propellor or pinion. 2) Your solder joints are cold and generating resistance, 3) Improper ESC setup - follow the ESX setup link.



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500TH Motor

500T Motor


Size: 32.6mm wide

Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm in tractor and 4mm in pusher.

Mount holes: standard 16mm x 19mm.

Screws: are 3mm .5 pitch.


Heli or Jet motor

Max Current: 36 Amps.

KV: 3380

IO: 2.4 at 10 volts

RM: .0172

Weight: 62 grams

Poles: 6


Pylon racing motor

Max Current: 36 Amps.

KV: 1950

Recommended heli setup:

13T Pinion

2200 - 20C battery or higher - 3S

Poles: 12


Tech Info


500TH / 500T Brushless Motor

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Elyse and Jillian love JustGoFly motors



The 500TH motor is more for guys who are highly experienced heli flyers or Jet Flyers. If you underpower this motor, it will heat up - even though it normally runs very cool. So do not run this motor with a battery pack that can not provide the power the motor needs to operate. You'll increase the resistance of the battery, increase the heat to the motor and you could damage both motor and battery. Leon runs a 50+ amp capable battery. Lower amp capacities are fine - but then you should use a 13T pinion. 4S max is 10T pinion.


Use Mid or High Timing on your ESC. The Normal OUTRUNNER setting is LOW timing and not appropriate for this high speed motor.


The video's below demonstrate how powerful this motor is when properly setup. You should run a 13T pinion unless you are as experienced as the flyers in these videos and have equipment capable of providing the power needed to run the heli. Notice that they fly for about 5 minutes. Many less experienced flyers will fly 10 minutes - which is fine if they are not flying as aggressively as shown in the videos. As you deplete your battery, you increase the resistance and can generate heat in the motor. If you are not an experienced flyer and want longer flight times then the 450TH might be more appropriate for your needs.

Most Ludicrous Jet Setup


I have guys reporting great results on 4S with a 4.2x4 prop. One guy running A123's on 5S. I DO NOT recommend 5S except the A123's do not hold the same voltage as the LiPo's so 5S is reported as a strong 4S setup.


The 500TH is balls to the wall speed. If you are into fast flybys then this is it. But if you are more of an acrobatic flyer - the 500T or 450T will better suit you. 500T enables more climb authority at a slightly lower speed.


500TH Charts - Dr. Kiwi

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The Great ESC

Use HIGH Timing and 13 Khz PWM, Disable Brake, Medium Motor Start power, Medium Throttle Response.


We've had a conflicting reports of problems with some Electroninc Speed controls. Some ones we do not recommend:


Quark 33 - this one will cause the 500TH to start hard. Use high timing and slow start - but still not recommended. Email me if you feel otherwise. I got one report that this was not working but other reports that it works fine.

HiModels - TowerPro - crapola.

Some Chinese ESC's all come from the same firmware and do not run well on high speed outrunners. You can try High Timing and Soft start - but it is just not worth the headache or chance of losing a hel or plane.


Our Motor Max ESC works extremely well with all our motors. If you decide to use 4S - pull the center wire from the ESC and use an external BEC. I will endeaver to update this as firmware progresses. If you have problems please email us and we will get the word out. This ESC has one programmable feature - Brake On/Off. It is for LiPo's only and auto detects voltage.


Castle Creation ESC's work well - if you have an issue - upgrade the firmware. I don't have a history of what works and what doesn't but there have been versions of CC ESC firmware that did not work well with high speed outrunners.


Dynam ESC's work very well.


Many other ESC's work - this should not be a problem for most. My only point in this comment is the Quark33 and some Cheap Chinese ESC's are a problem.


500TH Heli Build Threads/Reviews

OICU812 has posted his very comprehensive review of the 500TH here:

JGF "Just Go Fly" 500TH/install and review thread


RCBoosted has posted a review comparing the 500TH to the Align 430L:

JGF 500TH review for newbies, by a newbie


CatahulaDave has posted a review of the 500TH in his screaming wing:

RCWorks Project X JustGoFly 500TH


Phil Nguyen

flying a Beam E4 Heli with a

JustGoFly 500TH, 3S LiPo 14T pinion


Check out Phil at http://philnrocks.com/


and order the 500TH here

500TH - Phil Nguyen


Leon Luke

JustGoFly 500th

Cold Weather Flying

15T pinion 100% flat curve

Castle Creations 35 amp ESC

Fixed Throttle mode

at least 3300 Head Speed

FlightPower 2170 - 25C continuous LiPo's


Keep an eye open for Leon at the XFC2007 and the FAI F3C World Championships

500TH - Leon Luke

Vinnie Note: Please read above advice

Trex 450SE

Vegas 2007

JustGoFly 500th


Mike Wilson

Link to YouTube - be sure to score the video:

500TH - Mike Wilson


750 grams ready to fly

Battery – FlightPower 2170 25C

Blades – V-blades

14t pinion

CC35 ESC in fixed throttle mode

100% throttle curve

Headspeed about 3100

Trex 450 Vegas 2007 JustGoFly 500th


Leon Luke:

"I am using a 15T pinion with about 95% flat throttle curve, fixed throttle mode, castle 35 esc. 

Flightpower 2170 25C 3S1P. 

Headspeed is 3300.

Superb performance with very cool motor and battery."


Link to YouTube - be sure to score the video:

500TH - Leon Luke Video 1


500TH - Leon Luke Video 2

CatahulaDave captures his 4S setup on a 4.2x4 prop

running his experimental wing




and Video - for full screen or to rate

500TH in a Wing


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TaSaJaRa's Stryker, glassed - 26.6 oz's

JustGoFly 500TH Motor

5.5x2.5 prop


500TH - Craig


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TKOGUY Flying his FunJet with a JustGoFly 500TH Brushless Motor


"all of my outrunner motors are justgofly and i am very happy with the quality and performance of these motors, the 500th is an awsome motor, it stays very cool and puts out a ton of power you cant go wrong with the price and quality of these motors."



500TH Information

This motor is a monster. It's ideal for those that want high speed Heli, high speed Jet or with a bell change to make a 500T an excellent Pylon racing airplane on a 7" prop. The max size the 500TH should fly with is a 4.75x4.75 and expect about 40 amps of draw from your batteries. A 5.7x3 will drop the amps, as will a 5.5x2.5 and both still provide high speed.



Craig's Shrike on a 500TH and 5.7x3 prop.

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Link to Video

500TH in a Wing

Customer Feedback

Dragonus - 500TH

A while ago I flew a friends Dragonus equipped with a 500TH motor, this heli was dead quiet and had more than adequate power on 13t I believe, CC Pheonix 35............ I liked it so much that I'm going to sell my brand new Align 430XL at a loss to buy your 500 motor. I like the fact that the 500 is significantly lighter and a little more efficient.


Thanks for your time.

Most Respectfully


MX400 Heli - 500TH

Yea HAAAAA!!!!!!!!  The 500TH fits!!!!  Its has just enough clearance on either side of the frame rails to work.  If anybody asks about the fit for the MX400, tell them it will work. I only had to do slight modifications to the holes.  I am very happy.  Hovered it for 7 minutes and my 4 year old could touch the motor.  No heat!  I can't believe it!  Tomorrow I am going to try and fly it in forward flight to see the power difference.  I think I am going to be very happy.  Thanks for your help.



500T Motor Information

500T - Sport racing Motor

Lower Kv modification of the 500TH. Use a different bell to convert the Kv of the 500TH to lower RPM and use in Pylon racing airplanes for high power, speed and thrust. I get much feedback on how great a pylon racing motor this is. I run it in a few of my planes and to tip the nose up and scream into the clouds is something I've never experienced on a sub 28 oz airplane before. You will need to consider re-enforcing your ailerons and wing to run this motor since it is fast and still has huge thrust on a 7x5, 7x6 prop. I believe it to be the ideal Styker, FunJet motor and I run it in a Formosa as well. I yanked all the electronics from the standard Styker - including the crap servos. I can roll at high rates and fly very fast 2 feet off the ground. This is a very stable airplane - then tip the nose up and climb.


Update - 12/07 - I've been experimenting with props. The 6x5.5 will significantly drop the amps and keep high speed. The 7x5 is higher thrust and since the 500T will not bog under this addtional load - it is faster than the 6x5.5 on a heavier plane or jet - this was tested on a TwinJet. Since the motor can handle higher amps the 6x5.5 is ideal in lower battery capacity setups. But for higher speed than the 7x5 - the 6.5x6.5 totally rocks. This is a gas prop and although mine are not perfectly balanced, they have kicked up the speed.

500T Information

This is a 1950 Kv motor - lower speed than the 500TH. It is the same motor with a bell change to Mid Speed to drop the Kv enabling use of a 7x5, 7x6 prop for excellent thrust and although lowr speed than the 500TH - it is higher thrust and still excellent speed. This is my favorite pylon racing setup.


Roger has reported:

"JustGoFly 500T 3s 1800mah    &    PYLON PLANE CRASH  All good things from this motor, nothing bad to report only I could fly on 3s 7x5 prop for more than 11minutes actually! Thats awesome! Then I changed to 6.5x6 and flew the tail off it... HE HE HE, good things! Constructive comments? l know put screws through the tail bracket."



Roger also says:



GWS ME-109

Glassed with balsa ailerons and elevator. Very quick and fun to fly.

Ken's 7x7 setup flying with onboard camera and talked about on a forum here: RCGroups 500T in a Wing
Craig's 4S 500T

Vinnie's Formosa on the original prototype 500T.


Link to Video

UltraFly P$1 Warbird -

Videos of Joe's (Handle: Albireo) 33 oz P51 on a 500T motor.


"Flew SUPERB. Truly a sight to behold. At most I went 3/4 throttle on a go-around toward the end."

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TaSaJaRa - Stryker

JustGoFly 500T Brushless Motor

7x5 prop

500T in a Stryker

  Vinnie and John V flying their TwinJets. Vinnie mostly chasing John. The 500T 6.5x6 is faster than the 500T 7x5. We love trying to fly formation - but right now it's mostly my following him - overtaking him and looping to get behind him again. When he loops - we faux dog fight :)


500T Charts done by Dr. Kiwi

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