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2015 - Winter

Summer has flown by. I've enjoyed many events and two motors in particular. The GLH line for my high speed small plane, and the 4130 for my larger planes 60" - 72". Our recommendations on the 4130 of 5S and 6S on 16" prop are purely due to what we experience with todays batteries. As they improve you go higher C rating and can actually push larger props or higher pitch. I choose 5S for smaller 60" planes and 16x12 prop for speed, but 6S 16x8 for Hogs, and larger planes. From there I jump to 10S on the 5330 and run a 20-22" prop. My Pilot SBach is crazy powerful on the 5330 22" prop.

As winter approach's it's time to crank up the 2204 motor on 2S 8x4 prop for indoor flying. It's much more capable than 2S on this setup, but appropriate for light plances and whisper quiet.

2013 - Winter

Wow it's been a long time since I updated this blog. I guess I'm having too much fun to work.

I've moved upto extreme in both speed and size. I fly mostly 3S, 4S, 5S, and 10S. This summer I may move upto 12S. I have a line of motors built to spec based on the GLH Motor I run ballistically. This summer I'll be replacing an EFlite 160 with one of my 5330's since they are spec'd the same. I'll run it in a 72" GoldWing Yak 55 on 10S, 20x12 prop. Also taking a EFlite 23 off a SunDowner and trying one of my ballistic new motors. I think the EFlite 700 Kv is wrong for this plane so will kick it up and try 4S and maybe 5S. Those new BLACK motors of the same look as the GLH motor - but bigger. Keep an eye on the top of the order form for more details and links to the new motors. Start over at the order form for updates to our product line.

2009 - Summer

Hi all - I am really enjoying this summer. I run 550TH on 3S and 4S on a Stryker, 550TH on a FunJet, experimenting with a 555 on a Quickie 500 pylon racer, running the 550XT motor on a 12x4.7 on a beefed up Slow Stick. The 11x5.5 has more than enough power for a normal Slow Stick. The 500T is turning out to be the all around great flying motor that runs great in strykers, FunJets, GeeBee, and just about any 2 lb or less airplane. Plenty of speed and infinite vertical. I have one of our large 30 in a large LT-40 airplane - and if you could hear the motor pulling that plane I think you would agree it would whoop most .70 two stroke engine.


I want to thank our loyal customers who remain with us after so many years.

2008 - Summer

Hi all - I hope you're enjoying the summer. Use North-East folks are in our happy weather days and I'm loving it. I've been flying a Stryker (550T - 7x5 prop), FunJet - 550T 7x5 until I want more speed then 6.5x6 pylon prop, Projeti on 550TH 3S 5.5x4.5 on 550TH, SRX on 450T2 8x5 prop, TwinJet still running my 32 amp ESC and 500T motors on 3S2P 6.5x6.5 pylon props, Large Corsair on he 4120-6 5S on 16x10 prop, Indoor Clik on 2205 8x4 prop 3S - GREAT. I have many more setups still flying and loving them all.


We've had some email problems so we implemented an email form - give it a try - EMAIL JUSTGOFLY


Dec 14, 2007

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday. I know we haven't posted numbers for these items yet, but I have personally flown with each of these motors and would not post them if they were not a very good quality set of motors. The original 2212 that we tested had a soft axle, so we made the version we posted a hardened axle. For a motor that can run a large prop, you need an axle that can handle prop strikes without bending. The efficiency of the 2212 is very good. The tiny 3D motor very good and we put this in a package of Motor, ESC, Battery and all the connectors you need to get setup. The 3520 is a fast motor for it's large size. I think it best on a 4 lb Warbird, with a 10" prop on 5S. I will post 6S results as well.


I hope you have a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year filled with the thrill of flying.


Nov 6, 2007

Interview of Vinnie from JustGoFly by AllThingsThatFly


News: I intend to offer some low cost extremely light weight motors and ESC's from another manufacturer to get us through the winter. I have been testing many manufacturers motors all summer and have found one I feel is a bargain and will introduce it for light weight depron 3D and parkflyers in a couple weeks. For those slightly larger I will have a similar low cost solution - stay tuned.

Sept 17, 2007

We're back from NEAT FAIR WOW - was that fun. Much thanks to my Helpers Dan, Kathleen and Joey (Little Vinnie) - for all their help. We introduced the 450T2 motor at Neat Fair and will soon have it posted for sale on the Order Form. This is what I consider a Killer Warbird motor, 1450 Kv and runs the hell out of a 20 oz sport or warbird plane.


June 2007

This summer has already been spectacular. The weather just seems perfect every day for flying. I hope you're enjoying your summer as much as I am. In Northern NY we don't have such great weather normally and we learn to live with wind. But I love windy day flying.


Our 500TH motors are selling extremely well. Those guys flying Jets and Pylon racers that have trusted my opinion that the 500T rules over the 500TH have commented in what a great motor it is. The 500T is the 500TH with the Mid Speed bell - causing lower Kv and incredible thrust on a 7x5, 7x6 propellor. I love it in my Stryker and TwinJet.


We are working on larger motors. But we won't rush motors out. The have to be perfect. Small changes many times makes all the difference. We're working on providing a great low cost 3D motor and ESC. Larger motors for .40 size gas conversions and as large as .90 size. Larger ESC's will be available soon along with much larger motors. We're sampling many different types of LiPo's to provide you the best quality at a great price. This takes time since many LiPo's are great at first, but won't provide as many recharges as we expect.


Jan 2007

We're happy to introduce our latest powerhouse the 500TH and 500T brushless motors. These motors follow along our desire of two motors in one. A 3380 Kv 500TH Heli motor and Jet speed demon or a 500T Pylon racing 1900 Kv monster or large blade 4S heli motor.


8,9,10T 0.5 module short pinions arrive for 3S: 400DH, 4S: 450F, 450TH, 500TH

10T 3.17mm 0.5 module pinions arrive for 450TH 4S, 500TH 4S, 450F


A 3 amp BEC for use in 4S or higher setups. I also use this in Nitro Planes so I can use my 11.1 volt batteries and fly all day on one charge. Odd showing up to fly with Nitro buddies and running out of charge on those 5Volt batteries. Now I just toss in one of my many 2S or 3S LiPo's and continue flying Press the Product Info button for more details on our BEC.


Drop me a note if you have any questions: Vinnie


Nov 15, 06

500TH, 500T pusher and tractor motors are NOW in stock !

I want to hear from you on these motors - we worked hard to provide you these motors. You have no idea how many times we've gone around on every little detail of this motor to make it perfect. If you are new to Heli's - please consider and 11, 12T on the 500TH. If you are a power heli flyer then a 14T should be enough but 15T might be your style - all pinions are available on the order form.


Jet Guys - I'm with you guys on wanting more and more and more speed, thrust - but my goal is to keep power consumption below 30 amps. At this time batteries for higher than 30 amps are too heavy. We kicked up the Kv of the 500TH to 3300 which will increase your speed at lower voltages. I am concerned it will require too small a prop at 4S - so would love to hear your opinion on this.


Pylon Racers - the 500T is MY FAVORITE setup. Try a 7x5 prop - it provides excellent thrust and speed. 7x6 is also excellent but you loose a little thrust. I run my 7x5 on a 26 oz pylon racer and the performance is STELLAR !


The 500 bells are interchangeable between 500TH, 500SH, 500T pusher, tractor Motors. The Tractor is our only motor with a C Clip that enables it to run as a Pusher. All our pushers have C Clips enabling them to run in front of a firewall as a tractor or on the rear of a plane as a pusher.


Sept 11, 06

500SH Motors are now available 2900 Kv. Special air design allows for quiet and powerful operation.


July 18, 06

LIPO Battery Sale. This sale will continue for a couple weeks. I expect to sell most of my LiPo stock at the NEAT FAIR Since many guys have stated they will be back for batteries. I wanted to drop the price and make them available at discounted FunFly prices before selling out at the show. Please note that I can not Warranty Batteries.


July 18, 06

Hi all and I hope you are enjoying your summer. We received the long await 3.17 and 3mm quality pinions for T-Rex and other module 0.5 style helicopters. Now you can try 14 T on either a 3mm or 3.17mm 450TH in your T-Rex ! Also the 400DF with a 15T pinion on the 3mm shaft will work well. Lots of other options are available for you to try in the 11..15T range. Drop me a note with any new discoveries.



I am finding time to fly about 4-5 times a week and testing new motors with extremely happy results. My experiences flying are at a level I have never had before and soon these new motors will be available to you. We have some issues that need to be resolved and then they will be posted for sale with technical data. Some tidbits to wet your appetite.

Gas Conversion: I'm running my 54" SpitFire with a large 850Kv motor on 5S - and pulling 1100 Watts. This provides 10,000 + RPM on a 13x6 prop. I might go to a truck stand to measure the thrust ;-) I can't measure it on my current system it's very high. This is direct drive - no gearbox. This motor handles 8S - I might fly this baby at NEAT Fair this year.

GWS Formosa: The Formosa has been seriously re-enforced, glassed frame, CF Wing strut, CF Tape on the tail, all the stabilizers and ailerons. One half of one aileron yanked out on a high speed dive and I have problems with the glue not holding the aileron on the plane. This plane is being pushed well beyond what it is designed to fly. I fly it 70-80 mph on a 7x6 prop with a new prototype JustGoFly motor. Infinite verticle and it is to say the least - extremely fun and impressive.

Multiple TwinJet: Running dual 450T Motors and a total panic to fly. It flys great extremely slow. Speed is about 90-100mph on dual 450T, 7x7 apc e props, and infinite verticle in this 40 oz plane. Walk away from the buddies when flying this baby - you need to concentrate since it disappears very quickly. I love race tracking this 6 feet off the ground in a tight pattern. I recommend high torque servos of 40+ oz's for this setup.

UltraFly Extra 300S: I constantly change setups. Just when it's perfect - time to change it again and see how other setups do. The Extra is a great acrobatic plane and I want huge thrust and about 70mph max on this setup. So I have been running quad prop 10x8 and 450F geare 3.89. A 11x7 or 12x8 normal prop also runs very well on this setup.

Large AP Plane: 450F - 4.5 gearbox and 13x4 prop for extremely high thrust. You can actually go bigger on the prop with this setup, 14x4, 15x4 - if you need more thrust. The 13x4 works well on my 3lb setup.

Wings Wings Wings: 450T 7x5 apc e prop direct drive is the ticket here. Great thrust, great speed and a 2200 mah 3S LiPo capable of 15C or higher will give you something many other wing flyers don't have - speed and thrust. I stick a 4S in there sometimes but I like to stick in the 25-32 amps ESC range and 4S will cause cut outs of the ESC and warble the prop at higher RPM than it can handle. The ESC cut outs are due to higher amps reducing the BEC amps - so a separate BEC is needed for this setup. I run large Standard Servos in my Wing. I recommend high torque servos of 40+ oz's for this setup.

T-Rex 450 : I'm running a 450F with a 10T pinion, but I am a woosie heli flyer. The 450TH on a 13T is our recommendation - try the 14T if you are an experience flyer, and an 11 or 12T to save your battery if you are just starting out.

Larger Motors: Plane on seeing larger motors available soon. I am running these in my planes and all I can say is that you will be very happy with what we have to offer. Search for videos on YouTube for JustGoFly to get an idea of what is happening here.

New Heli for sale: We are toying with the choice to provide a new helicopter to the market. My only concern is that it is so blinged out that it is for a small segment of the market. More on this later. It looks very much like a T-Rex, but with all Carbon Fiber and Aliminum everything. Plastic - I don't need no stink-um plastic. I'll want to provide replacement parts for this heli as well - so we're still looking into this.

Gassers: Believe it or not I'm learning how to talk to Gas Flyers. How to relate the nitro power in a Nitro Plane to electric. I know the numbers, but need to know the feel of what you run. I have a Large 12 lb Stearman PT-17 on a Super Tigre .91.

April 11, 06

Batteries: The new batch of LiPo's seems to be outstanding. One guy has 50 cycles on it and reports no noticeable drop in capacity. I will be providing balancing chargers soon and feel it important to balance cells the first two times you charge, then occasionally after that. We provide a balancing extension kit, which can be used to make your own balancing connectors, extensions or conversion cables for different chargers. Our balancing connectors on our batteries are compatible with Hyperion and Thunderpower and most Chinese balancing chargers.


Your first charge should be at 1/2 an amp. Don't run your cells below 80% to extend there life. I've seen inexpensive balancers that will drain any cell that is higher than the lowest cell, during charging on a standard LiPo charger. I like this idea since you can use older LiPo chargers and still remain balanced. This will extend the life of your high capacity charger and batteries.


What we're upto:

Spring and nice weather is upon us in upstate NY. We are looking forward to post more test results and videos. Vinnie's current projects are Formosa, TwinJet, 48" Razor Wing, 53" P51 Mustang ~6 lbs, 59" Lancair ~ 6 lbs. The two year old IFO is the one plane that can be crashed and repaired within 5 minutes and is always ready for a flying fix.


The Formosa maidened yesterday and is unreal on our of our new experimental large motors. I have to be careful not to rip the wings off of this glassed baby. The 400F is ideal for this plane direct drive on a 6x4 prop. We kicked up the 400F a little to enable it to handle higher amp draws.


The TwinJet is running Dual 450T, 7x7 Prop, Dual 32 amp ESC's, dual 2200 15C LiPo's and is absolutely the coolest and fastest thing I have ever flown. I find my level of comfort upto 100 mph and although I could put in the 450TH bells waiting to convert the 450T to a faster TH in a few seconds, at the field. I do not feel I need more speed. The climb rate is astounding and this setup is a real jaw dropper. The Twin Motors sound like turbines and at low rate it is cool to kick it to 60% throttle for increase which many will think is full throttle, then lay the hammer down and see this beauty spring into action.


The Razor Wing was my second ever wing, and although I started flying wings only due to the need to find the right motor, I instantly fell in love with this plane. When I got too comfortable with it and while screaming down a street in the country at 75 mph and 4 feet off the turf, hit a street sign and gouged out a huge chunk of EPP - I was very sad. Although I have 10 wings unbuilt and on the shelves, I had to buy a new Razor and get it flying. I'm running a 450TH and after strengthening the wing with fiberglass tape and CF rods, I maidened it. Wow - what a great flyer and being overpowered is amazing. I did plow it into the ground with a spectacular crash while doing full throttle in front of where I was standing. A glitch caused it to nose down while 3 feet off the turf at full throttle. No damage other than ripping the balsa elevons off. It was quite spectacular crash and once I get an hour to repair it, I hope it will be as good as new again.


The Mustang and Lancair are large planes outside the normal range of most electric motors. These are test beds for some of the larger motors we are working on and should prove an exciting summer.


Dec 7, 2005

We've added some low price collets Click to enlarge, and plastic motor mounts Click to enlarge. You guys have been asking for this for a long while.

More news coming on new motors and gearbox very shortly.


November 30, 2005

We're working on providing motor constants. I have a list of constants that I am validating before posting. If you have experience in measuring resistance and would like to be involved in validating the values, I welcome your participation. I will not post these values until they are validated.


We're working on providing the Colletts, more variety in motor mounts and gear boxes and even some new motors with removeable/replaceable axles. Based on help from Dave North, who has been pushing for a better single stator 3D motor, we're experimenting with modifications to the 300ST which will cause the Kv to increase to between 1200-1300, for 3S 8x4, but hopefully will be efficient enough to drive a 3S 9x5.


We have new motors coming shortly.


Batteries are still a month off, I love the 2100 3S. They fit the T-Rex perfectly, but some have complained of weight. I will be adding lighter 2100's to the mix, but with change comes differences. I would hate to lose the top end power of these batteries. I am also thinking of providing 2S packs and documentation to combine them into 4S packs for guys that are into the extreme. The 2100 3S should last a while, but will have lower quantities of some of the odd ball sizes. I will also provide flat packs for Wing flyers. All at a very good price.


Keep an eye on the order page. Items will be coming and going based on how you react to them. I realize I am still not providing receivers and my stance on that is to go with the name brand dual conversion, Berg, Electrons, FMA ... It's just not worth losing a plane by saving a few bucks on a receiver. I have a drawer full of receivers that don't cut the grade and are not worth the postage, let alone the cost of purchasing the receiver.


November 7, 2005

I'm focusing on answering many of the questions that I get via email on this web site. I have put some Q and A on the order page to directly address the most frequently asked questions. You guys have me so busy filling orders that I have little time for anything else. The danger of growing is the impact on service and increase in mistakes made. We unfortunately are still improving on our order fulfillment process and REALLY appreciate how patient you have been with us. We strive to make you happy and as hobbiest ourselves we understand how disappointing it is to get an order incorrect. We have made improvements to order fulfillment which means submitting a order form is essential for correct fulfillment. So if you email me or just send a paypal - plan on an increased risk of failure. I get so many emails that it is difficult keeping each person straight. My memory is not great and I use Email as a crutch so phone calls are purged from my memory immediately ;-) I appreciate if you reply with history when we chat or I will frustrate you when I mix you up with someone else.


So what's going on ? 450TH is as hot as hot can get. It's the one motor I would want to be stuck on a desert island with. It fits most genres Helicopter, Pylon Racer, Wing, Jet, Sport Flyer, HotLiners, Gas Conversions geared and with a bell change to bring KV down to 1700 - larger wings flying slower with more thrust, and Sail Planes. The genre it doesn't fit are Park Flyers and 3D. If you have a 2 lb 3D plane then gear this puppy and watch you don't hit your head on a cloud when you power out of a hover.


I run the 450TH in my T-Rex on a 11T and even have my curves way down. I am not very experienced in Heli's - YET.

I run the 450TH in a very fast wing and change the bell from 5x5 100 mph bell to 7x5 60 mph (MID SPEED BELL) - more thrust and lower amp draw for my lower capacity batteries.

I run the 450TH in a 2.5 lb AP Plane geared 3.9 : 1 on 13x4 prop. I understand that 4.5 may be more appropriate and is very good on 13x8 prop.

I run the 450TH in a 300S extra geared 3:1 on a 11x7 GWS HD prop. Very fast and huge thrust. I may go to a 3.4:1 sinnce the 3:1 pulls some high amps - but man is it a blast. We could easily sell the 450TH for $75-$85 - but will continue to provide it for the low price we currently have listed.


I have a lot of airplanes and always switch motors so I run alot of other JustGoFly motors - but 450TH is just killer.


I ran a 450F geared 3:1 on a 8x4 prop on the Extra 300S. I didn't find it enjoyable. I want more thrust and less speed. The tail stabilizer was making a hamonic sound when running full speed and the prop was also fluttering with the high RPM's - which only makes it very inefficient. So go much higher gearing starting at 3.9 on the 450F. I need more experience with this motor geared. Why would you choose 450F over the 450TH ? The 450TH 3.17 bell is not removeable and used to run 11 and 13T pinions for helicopters. If you ran the 450F on a 10T you could use a 2.3mm axle. This same axle can now be put into a gearbox with a pinion for flying airplanes. Change the bell to a MID SPEED bell for 2250 KV and run direct drive (see 450FT charts) and 4S in helicopters.


Dave North is helping us analyze the 300ST. He is a very knowledgeable 3D flyer and providing honest feedback on our single stator motor. He has done some really nice work and we will be releasing a new 300ST with some modifications based on his feedback. THANKS DAVE !

The goal is very good 2S performance, and extreme performance on an 8x4 prop with under 10 amp draw and useful in 3D planes. This motor is whisper quiet.


October 27, 2005

Hi all, winter is setting into upstate NY so indoor season will be starting soon. Time to settle in for more testing to provide the information you need to setup your planes and helicopters.


The 450TH is widely accepted as a great T-Rex heli motor, extreme speed in Wings and Jets. The 450F is still undergoing testing but well liked by all heli guys. Having a 2.3mm axle for heli's makes it very versatile and useful in gearboxes for planes upto 4 lbs and since you can slide off the bell the 450F is easily modified to a 2250 KV pusher or tractor for direct drive or left at 3450 Tractor or pusher. The lower KV motor is known as the 450FT. I don't recommend use of the 450F direct drive on Jets and Wings as it spins just too fast, the 450TH is about the upper limit for direct drive on a decent size 6 inch prop. The mod to this motor will enable you to run a 7x5, 8x5 prop with authority. See the data on the 450FT technical page .


Many of you have been asking "What Motor for a specific plane or heli". I am thinking of putting together a motor selection guide but for now let's see if I can provide some information that will help.


Quick rule of thumb - 100-120 Watts per pound provides an excellent experience.

upto 1 pound plane use : 300DF, 300ST, 400ST, 400T

upto 2 pound plane use : 400F, 400DF, 450XT

upto 3 pound plane use : 450TH, 450F, 450FT


T-Rex Heli - 450TH on 13T 3.17mm, or 450F on 10T 2.3mm pinion. For longer run time and less power - 400DH on 9T, 2.3mm.

Shogun Heli - 400DH - 8T pinion

3D Pro Heli - 400DF - 15T pinion


Direct drive - 300DF on 1 pound or lower weight Wings, Depron Jets, 400T - Overlord Wing, Slow and high thrust wings on 8 inch prop, 400F fast and agile on 6x4 prop 3S, 400DF - very fast on 5 inch prop - less thrust, 450FT - excellent on any size plane 7 or 8 inch prop, 450TH - extreme for over 100mph on wings and jets on a 5-6 inch prop.


450TH is an extremely powerful motor, which is most popular in the T-Rex at 3S on a 13T pinion 3.17mm pinion for 2600 RPM, 4S on an 11T pinion for upto 3300 RPM. This motor is available in 3.17mm axle tractor, 2.3mm tractor for gearing in large planes or extreme performance on medium size planes and 3mm pusher format for over 100 mph in Jets and Wings. The 3.17mm bell is locked on the motor.

450F is also and extremely powerful motor that is slightly more versatile than the TH since the bell is removeable on all models. This works well on the T-Rex with a 10T 2.3mm pinion, the same bell runs well geared in airplanes. For a direct drive motor please consider the 450FT.

450FT is a modification to the 450F that you can perform yourself by purchasing a medium speed bell. Pull the 450F bell of and slide on the new medium speed bell and you have just converted the 450F from 3450 KV to 2250 KV. Now you can run 7 and 8 inch prop with authority on your plane, jet, wing.t

450XT drive with upto 11 inch propellors. A 9x9 properllor is excellent for speed. If you have a large 3D airplane - this is the motor for you.


400DH continues to be an extremely popular motor for the Shogun and T-Rex. I recommend an 8T pinion on the shogun, and 9T on the T-Rex. This will provide longer flight times than the 450TH and 3D capability, but not the same insane power that the 450TH provides.

400DF is ideal on the Century 3D Pro Helicopter on a 15T Pinion. This motor is also well liked on pushers (Jets and Wings) and geared is very powerful. Swap bells to go from 3mm pusher to 2.3mm tractor for gearing in a 400 size gearbox.

400F is the same KV (RPM Speed) as the 450FT and very efficient, ideal with a 6x4 prop on a direct drive plane, jet or wing and excellent geared 3:1.

400T is very popular in slope soarers, park flyers and warbirds.

300DF is well liked in depron jets, wings and planes under 16 oz's and although not 3D, can provide high speed direct drive, or can be geared 3:1 for running larger props and planes.

400ST is ideal in direct drive planes and 3D flying planes

300ST is for very light weight and ideal in light weight planes and 3D planes.


Sept 29, 2005

Changes have been made to our Order Form. We have heard many customers complain of how we use your email client to send our order home. Well this has changed and anyone should be able to submit an order and be prompted with a payment screen. More changes are being worked on to show you an online invoice and enable you to make changes to your order. I am town on whether I want to bounce you back and forth between a shopping cart or continue to use a long list of items. I would like to hear what you think of our order page. Drop me a note and stay tuned for more changes to make your ordering easier and more clear. Next step is to show you a list of the items you have ordered and after that link you directly to PayPal with total and itemized list.


The weather is starting to get cold around here so we'll be pulling out our indoor flyers, pulling off the landing gear of our outdoor planes and belly landing in snow pretty soon. We tests all of our motors and love the new 450 Motors. I run the 450TH geared 3:1 in an Extra 300S with a 10x10 prop for extremely high speed and infinite climb rate. I run a 2.5lb AP plane line a 3D plane on a 3.9 gearing and APC 13x4 prop - pulling the nose up and climbing that large plane is so much fun and freaks out my flying buddies. I then put the 450TH in my Wings and Jets and run the direct drive at over 100 mph. Bell changes are possible to convert a 2.3mm 450TH bell to a 3mm pusher. Unfortunately the 3.17mm is not swappable. But that 450TH in a T-Rex heli is just something to see - unreal !


Stay tuned for the 450F - it will be impressing you shortly once someone reviews it. My friends in france are doing a nice review at . Use a google translator to read their reviews of all our heli motors.


The 450XT is very popular with 3D flyers of 20 oz planes and just a great all around motor for parkflyers, war birds as well.


Sept 14, 2005

We're at the NEATFAIR from Friday until Sunday

All orders posted between Sept 16 and 18th will be shipped on monday the 19th.


August 28, 2005

Thank you for being the cool people that I have come to enjoy as customers and RC flyers. We are back from vacation. We enjoyed a trip to Ireland where we travelled from Dublin to Dundalk, Kilkenny castle, Bunratty castle, Cliffs of Moher, Galway and back to Dublin. While away I packed in a Pocket Combat Wing and 300DF motor. I did some flights with the orange GWS props and it flew nicely. Then I popped an APC E 5x5 prop on there and WOW it was amazing. The half throttle flight was huge and full throttle was insane. I will post a video.


We're preparing to attend the NEAT FAIR in NY for some fun. I've setup a new test station and hope to demonstrate the motors from the fair.


I intend to spend a good amount of time testing the T-Rex 450XL Helicopter.

August 15, 2005

We're on the verge of closing for 10 days and we have dropped pricing. Color me crazy. This should enable our motors to better compete in this insane Motor Market. Those that have purchased motors from us know we have a great product. I am fortunate to hear alot of kind words from you guys about the quality and longevity of these motors. I am surprised that I hear almost no negative. So let's make choice of these motors a no-brainer and drop the price.

August 12, 2005

Hi all, Seems the helicopter guys have found some great motors in our 400DH for the Shogun and 450TH for the T-Rex. The 450F is still a secret which will eventually be discovered by the Heli guys who want a bit more efficiency and extreme 3D. All in good time !


The 450TH in Jets will completely blow your mind !

Click to enlarge
Why buy a DIY when you can have a higher quality motor fully functional for a low price - run it hard and easily rewind it any way you wish. These motors rewind very easily by popping the bell off and rewind. But I think you will enjoy the power of the motors as they are setup.



I've been running a 300DF in a DragonFly helicopter recently and love it. This motor is great geared on 16 oz or lighter parkflyers and direct drive on 16 oz or smaller wings.

June 14, 2005

450TH motor testing 80% complete. See the above menu to learn more about this motor. It is extreme for those guys who want speed, thrust, or heli performance. I am very pleased with the results.

May 27, 2005

JustGoFly is away for the Memorial weekend. We'll be kicking back with friends, hoping for great flying weather, and just enjoying ourselves. After Friday 3:00 pm - all new orders will be shipped Tuesday May 31. If you have a pending payment please get it in immediately so I can get your order out to you today (Friday). Hoping for each of you Blue Skys, a little wind on the nose for take off, and more power than you ever desired for flying !

Vinnie and the JustGoFly crew

May 17, 2005

New motors arrived. I will be posting test results over the next couple weeks.

New Motors:

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400DH is an extremely popular Helicopter motor with an amazing amount of power.

450DH has proven to be too powerful for the T-Rex. And although we had hoped you would like this motor in the T-Rex, we understand that public opinion is swayed by some reports that this motor consumes requires too many amps to provide that over the top power. Our solution for this is to provide the T-Rex with the 450TH motor. This is a 3000 KV motor that on a 13T pinion at 50% throttle will hover the 550gram T-Rex at 6 amps. We thought you guys wanted huge power - turns out you want huge efficiency. Well you can decide between the two motors to decide what end of the spectrum you belong. When batteries catch up to the 450DH we're sure this motor will be ideal.

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Testing of this motor is now closed. This will be available in quantity in a couple weeks along with results posted on this web site.

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The top row of motors are all new. Note we have three new 3D motors. The 450XT is for larger 3D planes, 300ST is for light weight 3D planes, as is the 400ST - which is more efficient than the 300/400XT line. Top Right (Black Background) are our new ST line for 3D flyers. Picture below shows the air intake which moves air over the windings more efficiently.
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300ST and 400ST - 3D motors. Information will be provided shortly. These motors are improvements to the 300XT and 400XT line.
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450DH - Helicopter motor - it will amaze you.

450XT - 3D, ParkFlyer and Warbird Direct Drive.

450TH - Heli, Direct Drive for very high speed, geared for huge thrust.

450F - Heli, Direct Drive for Sports Planes and wings, geared for huge thrust.



March 28, 2005

New products being posted - Crystal 3D Airplane, 3.5 mm gold connectors, 3.6 gram servos, 20mm brushless motor, 20mm heat sinc. L Bracket for mounting pusher motors, props, batteries, stickers for your planes wind and tail, and additional motors (our specialty). I use all of my products extensively and push them beyond the ratings to see how they hold up. I am planning on raising the rating of the 300DF to 110 watts - 10 amps. This little motor continues to amaze me. I have abused the heck out of it, and it continues to deliver. The 400DF seems to be an endless source of power. I am puffing huge lipo's attempting to push high amps through this motor in flight.


I am really enjoying this motor on Jets and Wings, as well as large geared planes. It is proven to be excellent on a Hummingbird 3D with a 15T pinion. My favorite setup 400DF geared 3.9 with 11x7 prop on a 3S pack. Also 400DF direct drive on a 5x4 prop direct drive - but make sure your batteries can handle this setup. The 400F on a 3 gearbox and 11x7 prop or direct drive on a 5.7x3. The 300DF on lots of different setups. If I want to fly until I have a neck ache, put it on a 3.9 gearbox and 11x7 - it will pull 8 amps max and still make your 12 oz plane go straight up. Put it on a 3:1 and it will pull larger planes or provide more speed.


If you are running 2S, be sure to increase your prop sizes to take advantage of the capabilities of these motors. Go by Watt capability of the motor rather than amps. A motor rated at 10 amps on a 3S, can handle 15 amps on a 2S.


Feb 13, 2005

I'm now accepting credit cards .

I'm using the PayPal credit card service for businesses. You do NOT need a paypal account to use this.

To pay you:

1) click this link--> Pay By Credit Card

2) Don't bothering filling anything in just press the “Click Here” button.

3) Type in your note for payment and amount and press “Secure Checkout”

4) Fill in your personal information and after submitting the payment, I will confirm receipt via email.


If you have any problems at all - just email:

Feb 8, 2005

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Well all I can say is that the longer I am in this business, the more impressed I am with the guys who enjoy it. I've made alot of friends over the past many months and continue to enjoy the great feedback and help from people all around the world. All I can say is thank you for such a wonderful experience. I am very interested in posting your images and videos. Please email them to or email me a note or very large files and I will arrange a method to tranfer and edit them down for posting.




Jan 16, 2005

Lots of accessories added. I am extremely happy to announce the new Motor Max anodized Blue or Red aluminum gearbox. It is extremely light weight at 26 grams and very strong.

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Click on the images for a larger view.

The design is so elegant it should fit on many setups, including stick, firewall, round 7mm. This gearbox has dual ball bearings, and hardened axle with all of the items needed to setup your plane. It is anodized blue or red - your choice.


We also are offering prop savers !

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I use prop savers on all of my planes and love them. No more broken props. Use a Latex 3/8 tube and cut bands of varying sizes to hold on your prop. I use a single band for slow fly and two or even three bands on very fast direct drive. The Latex Hose can be purchased in 10 foot lengths at your local hobby store. It should last you many many years and no more frustration of running out of rubber bands. Drill these to 4mm for gearboxes.


To see these items - go to the ORDER PAGE and scroll down to see the new gearboxes and prop savers.



Dec 14, 2004

Web site is up to date, but still a work in progress. Check out Video links. Please email if you find a problem.


My two boys, John and Tom, have joined me in helping with the business. I can focus more energy doing what I love - talking to customers and helping people setup their planes right. I should also be able to address more changes to the web site, more photos and finally getting my customer appreciation pages designed.

Tom and John will be packing all orders and earning some money for college and more of their own toys.


400DF Data Sheets link

400DF Maiden Video on 48" wing - small pitch but still very fast - Once I upped the pitch to 5x4 the wing started to fludder at the excessive speed. I put CF rods in the wing and all is well now. Top pitch speed 80 MPH on a 3S Lipo.

All Videos here: VIDEOS


I purchased 100 aluminum L brackets that will fit in pushers, like wings and jets. They are very strong, easy to modify since they are aluminum, and very light weight. If you need a bracket to hold your pusher - I have a solution.


Dec 10, 2004

Motors have arrived !

New Watt Meters, New Motor, more accessories available,


Nov 12, 2004

After much anticipation our new ESC's are on their way when the shipment arrives we will have a very nice deal for you. I also have a surprise in store, so please stop back to check for arrival of the shipment.


Gold connectors and gearboxes have been added to our inventory. I will be posting WattMeters, prop adapters and X style Axi motor mounts. Videos continue to be updated - click on the "Videos (Updated July 7)" text to see all of the videos, even those not yet in the menu.


I hope everyone has a happy holiday. I'm looking forward to some building time and indoor flying with some buddies. I've been improving my skills and will be looking for someone to RC combat soon. Well other than the guys I fly with now that just flying normal is like an RC Combat ;-). I went back to my videos from a year ago and got a good chuckle at my skills at that point. I have alot to learn still, but that is part of the joy of this hobby. At least my kids don't need to wear a helmet anymore when I'm flying. I hope to work on my 3D and Heli skills over the winter. But summer time is for high speed !


August 8, 2004

Pusher Motors now available for small and large wings and jets ! Run the 300DF direct drive with a five inch or smaller prop and you will see some serious speed ! Our tests show upwards of 75MPH on the 300DF. 400T pusher can handle larger wings on eight inch props.


Click image for larger view of the two pusher motors we now carry.

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All of our pusher motors have 3mm axle !

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400DH's in stock - are now BLACK bell.

July 7, 2004

400DH Motors have arrived ! 4400 kV, ideal for Heli's. We also have 9 tooth pinions in stock.

Photo page updated.

Video links added - right click and save as to copy to your system. Some are very large ! Double click on top "Videos (Updated ...)" to see folder of available videos.


May 16, 2004

RC Folks, we're really excited about bringing these great little motors to the RC Community. Our goal is to provide you with RC Components that we use in our flying ourselves. We have looked at many types of brushless motors and these tiny motors really kick butt, are inexpensive, and very high quality workmanship. Email us if you have questions or catch us on EZone.


The motors in the picture below are in stock and should go quickly - so place your order. If you have a specific type of motor you need, let us know.


All of our motors for this batch are blue. Our test motors were Red, Black and Gold - but after submitting reports and modification requests our batch came in just manufactured and all blue.


Please see our ORDER page for details. We do accept PayPal and Bank Checks !


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